IKEA Katowice builds external pick-up warehouse

IKEA Katowice expands and builds its new external merchandise pick-up warehouse located next to the large-format store on Roździeńskiego Av. The company plans to deliver the facility in June this year.

The former external warehouse is situated several kilometers from the store. The new warehouse will make easier to buy larger scale products which now can not be picked-up from the self-service warehouse because of the purchases size. Furnitures scheduled for transport will also be picked-up from the new building.

“IKEA Katowice makes efforts all the time to adapt to the needs of customers, that is why we have decided to build the warehouse. This is our second important investment this year as we have modernized a market hall, which was delivered at the end of February” – said Monika Kosakiewicz from the marketing department of IKEA Katowice.

The construction work on the new external warehouse was commenced in October last year. Its area will cover approximately six thousand square meters.