IKEA modernizes two-storey car park

At the beginning of February, IKEA Katowice commenced modernization works on its two-storey car park. The investment undertaking will last until the end of this year.

The car park is located west from IKEA and south from the „Rawa” Retail Park. The works will be conducted in four phases. A complex modernization of different part of the car park will be conducted within each phase. The works will be implemented at both levels of the parking at one time. When the first part is finished, only then workers will move to the second one.

The works include the renovation of ceilings, new coating of the surface and replacement of fittings. An energy-efficient LED lighting system, new road signs and markings will be done. Additionally, the number of parking spaces will be increased.

IKEA Katowice is located at 95 Roździeńskiego Av. During the modernization, representatives of the shopping store suggest drivers to use Techników St. The street enables to reach IKEA from the north side and avoid traffic jams from the side of Roździeńskiego Av.