Illumination of Galeria Katowicka will forecast weather

On Wednesday, 4th of September, following tests on the illumination of the Galeria Katowicka’s elevation took place. Engineers checked the installation functioning while designers analyzed different sets of the lighting colours.

The designers want the illumination would be adjusted to special events and occasions, e.g. day of the Polish flag or World Autism Awareness Day. The another idea is to adapt the elevation’s colours to a next day weather – when the next day is expected to be worm and sunny, the illumination will be yellow; if the rain and low temperature are forecast, the colour of the lighting will be blue.

„The new Railway Station and the cup-shaped pillars together with the „Katowice” neon and the reshaped Szewczyka Square are becoming a very important public space of the City. This area makes the first impression amongst travelers arriving in Katowice. For that reason we are looking for another way to create even a small feature distinguishing the City” – said Agnieszka Jurkiewicz, marketing and public relations manager of Galeria Katowicka. „Aesthetic considerations are not the only factors deciding about the illumination’s colour but also the social ones. That is why, the facade will be white and red on the day of Polish flag, it will be blue on the World Autism Awareness Day” – she explained.