Information technology gate of Katowice opens its doors

On Thursday, the University of Economics in Katowice inaugurated the Advanced Information Technology Center (AITC) – the seven-storey building filled with the latest IT and energy-saving solutions. Development and equipment of this modern business and educational facility cost PLN 47 million. During the ceremony, invited guests had a chance to participate in the first lecture given in the main hall of the center.

Situated close to the junction of Murckowska and Roździeńskiego avenues, the building has been already unofficially called the „information technology gate of Katowice”. The teaching programme of the center will be focused on spatial economics, finance and accounting, management and economy including the implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The „cloud” computing solutions will let to use files and applications over the Internet.

„We dedicate the building to students. This high-tech infrastructure was created mostly for them. It is also a keystone of the Katowice agglomeration as well as a heart of our university’s campus” – said Leszek Żabiński, rector of the University of Economics in Katowice.

„There are over 40 universities and about 180 000 students across the Silesian voivodeship. This type of infrastructure is very important for them” – commented Zygmunt Łukaszczyk, the Silesian voivodee. Piotr Uszok, Katowice mayor, added – „We see the growth of the City and the voivodeship based on advanced information technologies”.

The 7 005 sq. meters building is designed for didactic and scientific purposes of the university but also it offers economic and managerial services for business. The building’s equipment and IT software were delivered by well known companies. Wasko has implemented a virtual computing platform of which the most important component is a data center based on the IBM technology and almost 400 access terminals. Additionally, a content management system and teleconference equipment were provided by NextiraOne. The infrastructure enables 800 people to use stationary and wireless computer stations in the building at one time.

The AITC was designed by the architect Wojciech Podleski. The modern ecological solutions applied by the designer will help, for example, to re-use the rain water in bathrooms, roof solars and heat pumps are to provide the hot water. The building management system will also take care of the light intensity in the center. There are, among others, ten computer rooms, three conference rooms, lecture hall for 200 auditors, data center and a library where 60 thousand books and other teaching aids can be stored.

The Advanced Information Technology Center is located at 5 Bogucicka St. The construction works were conducted by Mostostal Warszawa. The investment budget was covered by the funds of the national and local governments as well as of the internal university’s financial resources.