ING Bank Śląski took over Chorzowska 50

The „Centrum Banku Śląskiego” (CBŚ) limited liability company, managing the Chorzowska 50 office building, was dissolved and the property was taken over by ING Bank Śląski. At present, the office building of Chorzowska 50, together with Sokolska 34, is intended for the purposes of ING Bank Śląski.

ING Bank Śląski Headquarters - former Chorzowska 50 and the Sokolska 34 building in the background
ING Bank Śląski Headquarters - former Chorzowska 50 and the Sokolska 34 building in the background

The complex of two buildings was delivered in 2001 and named „Centrum Banku Śląskiego” (Bank Śląski Headquarters). It was the first A-class office facility in Katowice. The headquarters is located at the junction of Sokolska and Chorzowska streets. It was designed by the London branch of the Denton Corker Marshall architectural studio from Melbourne, Australia. For many years, Chorzowska 50 has been a seat of several companies as Mentor Graphics, Deutche Bank, Ernst & Young, AON, HSBC and Medicover, among others.

The company of „Centrum Banku Śląskiego” was intended to carry out business tasks, that is rental of commercial and office spaces in the building located at 50 Chorzowska St., providing management services for ING Bank Śląski of office building located 34 Sokolska St. and providing other services for the bank. „Centrum Banku Śląskiego” consisted of two internal units within the organization of the company: the Chorzowska 50 office building in Katowice (total area: 40 580 sq. meters) and the Powsińska office building in Warsaw (total area: 2 640 sq. meters).

At the beginning of 2014, ING Bank Śląski – the sole shareholder of CBŚ – decided about the division of the company. After the division, Chorzowska 50 was acquired by ING Bank Śląski, while the Powsińska office building was taken over by Solver, of which shareholders are ING Bank Śląski and the „ING Dzieciom” Foundation.

From now on, Chorzowska 50 and the neighbouring ING Bank Śląski’s seat located at 34 Sokolska St. are named ING Bank Śląski headquarters („Centrala ING Banku Śląskiego”). „Centrum Banku Śląskiego” was dissolved. All assets of Chorzowska 50 were transferred to ING Bank Śląski. Total assets of Chorzowska 50 amounted to PLN 218,5 million. The property of the office building, that is built on it, is located in the Katowice Special Economic Zone.

The bank decided to intend Chorzowska 50 for its own purposes. The building will be a seat of ING’s units, which are located in several office locations at present. „The concentration of offices of ING Bank Śląski headquarters – to be located in two buildings: at 34 Sokolska St. and at 50 Chorzowska St. – involves the sale of several buildings of the bank, and the change of lease agreements secured by the bank in commercial facilities” – explains Ewa Szerszeń, deputy press spokesman of ING Bank Śląski.

The name of Chorzowska 50 will no longer exist. All decisions concerning the change of the building’s name will be made at the beginning of 2015, according to the bank. Chorzowska 50 is now occupied both by ING Group subsidiaries and other companies. The bank does not provide any details when the other tenants will have to move out. „We can not release any statements about these dates, which are confidential under the rental agreements” – Ewa Szerszeń adds.

Apart from ING Bank Śląski and ING Group’s subsidiaries, the largest tenant of Chorzowska 50 is Mentor Graphics occupying the office area of approximately 3 200 sq. meters. The total leasable office space in the building amounts to 15 000 sq. meters.