ING Services Polska expands in Katowice

ING Services Polska (ISP) expands its data center in Katowice and will create a new research and development unit within a project co-financed by the European Union. A total cost of the undertaking amounts to PLN 80 million.

According to the Polish Press Agency, more than 150 new workplaces will be created by mid-2015. Part of the costs (PLN 12 million) will be covered by the EU’s funds of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.

“Presently ING Services Polska hires more than 400 people in the Katowice IT center. We have already started a recruitment process within the new project where 21 people will be employed in the research and development area and 136 will join the IT expert’s team. Our core business activity here is to provide IT services to about 40 ING Group’s entities across 15 countries in Europe and in Singapore. We are very proud of building the ING Global Security Service Center in Katowice as well” – said Magdalena Nowicka, CEO of ING Services Polska.

The data center offers services related to backup and restore of databases and applications, security management as well as network connection hosting. The center is equipped with complex IT infrastructure, including servers of all ING system platforms as well as network and communications infrastructure.

In 2012 ING Services Polska established the competence center for global security services for more ING business. The R&D workers will be involved in development of existing ING’s IT software and research of new solutions that combine center’s capabilities with an advanced cloud based shared services platform.

ING Services Polska was established in November 2003 hiring only a few people at the beginning. Project initiators and stakeholders – ING Bank Śląski and ING Nationale-Nederlanden Polska became first ISP customers. ISP has two offices in Katowice located in Chorzowska 50 and in the building on Owsiana St.