ICC emerges from behind Spodek

The construction site of the International Convention Center (ICC) was handed over to Warbud and Mercury Engineering in June this year when the construction was 6% advanced. Today the building takes its shape more and more every day and the advancement of works helps to imagine the scale of the ICC.

Construction works on the International Convention Center
Construction works on the International Convention Center

Construction crews reached the top of the center on the north side where the roof is being laid over the multifunctional hall for 12 000 spectators. The south part of the building still involves steel and concrete works.

“We will finish all the concrete works on the building by the end of November. The outfitting of the center has been already commenced. Works on the steel structure of the roof are also strongly advanced. Next month we are going to start the installation of the roof where the green valley is designed” – said Adam Wieczorek, project manager at Warbud.

By now, the prime contractor has used 20 000 cubic meters of concrete and 2 000 tons of steel, what accounts for about 70% of the building materials which are needed to erect the ICC. There are four tower cranes at the construction site of which the first one will soon be dismantled.

The 37 900 sq. meters building will be raised for gross PLN 280,2 million. The great opening is planned for autumn 2014.

The consortium of Warbud and Mercury Engineering is the second prime contractor of the Intenational Convention Center. The former contract with the ICC’s builder, Polimex-Mostostal, was withdrawn last year by the City Hall due to the inadequate performance of the financial and practical schedule, and delay of the construction work.