ICC will energize meetings in Katowice

In the middle of February this year, the City Hall of Katowice issued a call for tenders for construction work of the International Convention Center (ICC). As it was previously announced, interested companies would file theirs motions until 29th of March 2011. According to a vivid interest in this prestigious project on the part of companies, the City Hall decided to extend a period of making a tender until 15th of April. Meanwhile, the ICC was presented on the Wednesday conference on the business tourism promotion “Energy of Meetings”.

© City Hall of Katowice; International Convention Center, green valley on the left

The estimated value of the undertaking totals PLN 303 million. The modern building of 243 x 91 meters will be distinguished by extraordinary design prepared by the JEMS Architekci studio and divided into two parts by a green valley on the roof. Visitors will be able to access the roof which will be created as a passage between the two parts of the Center. According to the architects, the application of modern materials and and a glass facade will make the building light. A flat and low-rise structure of the ICC will not shade the “Spodek” exhibition and sport hall located nearby.

Near the main entrance to the International Convention Center, a passage linking the building with “Spodek” was designed. The passage of a minimum 3 meters height and 5 meters width will lead to locker rooms in “Spodek”. The hall, together with the ICC, will be able to host approximately 20 000 visitors at one time.

The main and multi-purpose hall of the ICC, covering 8 000 sq. meters and designed for 12 000 people, is going to be the highlight of the Center. The building was planned to allow the maximum efficiency of communication routes to facilitate the use of the ICC by large groups of people. The design assures an access to all rooms for any suppliers. A storeyed car park for about 2 500 vehicle will be built on Olimpijska St. within an easy reach from the Center.

  • Characteristics of the International Convention Center:
    – total site surface designed for the investment: 48 973 sq. m.
    – foot print/development area: 21 721 sq. m.
    – total area of the building: 38 948 sq. m.
    – usable area of the building (net area): 34 899 sq. m., including:
    – underground level: 4 184,88 sq. m.
    – ground levels: 8 686,49 sq. m.
    – 1st floor: 14 393,75 sq. m.
    – 2nd floor: 5 175,18 sq. m.
    – 3rd floor: 1 497,92 sq. m.
    – building height: 22,00 m.
    – cubature: 388 500 cu. m.
    – roof’s geometry: flat roof with a valley
    – number of storeys:
    – ground: 4
    – underground: 1
  • Public spaces designed in the ICC:

    Grand Foyer (5 500 sq. m.)
    There will be two entrances to the Grand Foyer from the main square in front of the building and the second one from Olimpijska St.
    – Main purposes: communication, inquiry, ticket and gadgets purchase
    – Additional purposes: opening and product presentations, TV production
    – Net height: 3,0 – 12,0 meters
    – Carrying capacity of the floor: 5 000 kg/sq.m.
    – Maximum capacity: 1 500 people

    Multi-purpose hall (8 040 sq. m.)
    Possible arrangement on three self-sufficient spaces with an independent access for visitors, escape routes, freight access, interior foyer, toilets, storage rooms and catering units.
    – Purposes: congresses, concerts, conventions, debates, TV productions, symposiums, openings and products presentations, fashion shows, fairs, exhibitions, shows for spectators on mobile platforms, soft ground (eg. horse riding), wood flooring (eg. basketball), other (eg. tennis).
    – Net height: 12,5 meters
    – Carrying capacity of the floor: 5 000 kg/sq.m.
    – Maximum capacity with an additional cooling system: 8 000 people

    Conference center (1 750 sq. m.)
    This is an isolated part of the building on the level of +8,32 m. It is made up of 18 conference rooms with a possible partition on smaller parts. The conference center is linked with the restaurant and has an exit to the cafe on the roof, storage and office rooms.
    – Main purposes: conferences, meetings, prelections, lectures, seminaries, training courses, exams.
    – Net height: 4,0 meters
    – Carrying capacity of the floor: 750 kg/sq.m.
    – Maximum capacity: 1 200 people

    Auditorium (600 sq. m.)
    The auditorium is designed for typical stage performances where voice amplifiers and acoustics appliances will be used. The stage is 8 x 16 meters equipped with a projection room and translators rooms.
    – Purposes: cultural, congress, conference and stage performances, smaller recitals, plenary sessions, lectures, exams, smaller conventions, music and TV productions, contests, music and video shows.
    – Net height: 8,0 – 3,5 meters
    – Carrying capacity of the floor in the area of stage: 3 500 kg/sq.m.
    – Maximum capacity: 600 people

    Banquet hall (1 200 sq. m)
    The hall is possible to be parted on three smaller areas with independent entrances and escape routes.
    – Main purposes: banquets, meetings, weddings, suppers, plenary sessions, congresses, balls, TV productions
    – Additional purposes: single and numerous exhibitiors’ events, smaller performances, openings, contests
    – Net height: 6,0 meters
    – Carrying capacity of the floor: 3 500 kg/sq.m.
    – Maximum capacity: 1 000 people

    Restaurant and summer restaurant (800 sq. m. + 150 sq. m.)
    The restaurant is situated on three levels of 0,00, 1,28 and 4,48 m. connected internally. The summer restaurant will be placed near the south facade to service outside tables.
    – Purposes: handling of events participants, banquets, meetings, weddings, suppers, congresses, balls.
    – Net height: 9,0 – 14,0 meters
    – Carrying capacity of the floor: 750 kg/sq.m.
    – Maximum capacity: 450 people

    Cafe and summer cafe on the roof (100 sq. m. + 150 sq. m.)
    It will be located in the Grand Foyer near front windows of the west elevation.
    – Purpose: cafe
    – Net height: 3,0 – 12,0 meters
    – Carrying capacity of the floor in the area of Grand Foyer: 5 000 kg/sq.m.
    – Maximum capacity: 60 people
    – The summer cafe is located on the roof in the green valley. It will service outside tables for about 20 people.

    Calendar of the project
    October 2008 – contest of an architectural design decided (JEMS Architekci – the winner)
    January 2010 – building permit approved
    July 2010 – Contract Engineer chosen (Grontmij Polska)
    August 2010 – engineering design concluded (JEMS Architekci)
    October 2010 – agreement signature for the European Union grant (RPO WSL 2007-2013)
    January 2011 – issue a tender procedure for management company (concession services)
    February 2011 – issue a tender procedure for prime contractor of construction work
    2011-2013 – construction work