Internship initiative for young programmers

The University of Silesia and ING Services Polska (ISP) prepare IT students for a programmer profession, as a part of the EU programme.

ING Services Polska accepted the invitation of student career office to get involved in the career programming initiative that is also a support for young people in the labour market internship programme. The project is focused on high levels of unemployment among young people. Due to the project, participants will take a web applications programming course and also complete a six-month internship in the organization that employs computer specialist programmers. The participants will earn payments that will be provided from the project’s budget. Traineeships will took place in August 2014.

„It is of great benefit to our company to participate in this project. First of all, we will be able to employ a trainee in the future” – said Magdalena Nowicka, CEO of ING Services Polska. „After a internship, a person will familiarize much faster with a work place and that is very advantageous for both sides. We would like students to gain work experience that will complement their knowledge which they earned at university, in match with labour market demand. Our company offers them newest technologies. They can see how the international collaboration in projects looks like. They also work with high-skilled experts.”

In the middle of March, ING Services Polska and the University of Silesia in Katowice signed a letter of intent for the co-operation and development of the internship programme.

„Adjusting the educational offer of universities to the needs of the economy and the labour market is one of the main assumptions of the reform of higher education systems that was introduced in 2011. And the great varieties of actions are performed constantly. They are interesting for both sides. Entrepreneurs will employ professionals that are educated, according to their needs. Universities attract their educational offers, and thanks to established contacts they will be able to improve their cooperation with entrepreneurs, educational offers and other projects, for instance, connected with science and used for economic purposes. Moreover,after graduation students have an opportunity to find a job that is connected with their education, in a company they have already worked” – stated prof. Wiesław Banyś, rector of the University of Silesia.

At present, ISP expands its IT center, responsible for software development, testing and managing applications, database management, as well as the security of processes and data transfer. The company also created the center of research and development to work out new process solutions and IT tools used by the company.