Job fairs of Teleperformance gathered German speakers

The job fairs organized by Teleperformance Group in Katowice on Wednesday gathered 120 applicants. It is over two times more than the investor expected.

30 candidates appeared in the Novotel hotel during the first hour of the fairs and the number grew to 60 over the next two hours. The recruitment team of Teleperformance claims that more than half of the potential employees were speaking German fluently. Most of the attendees were less than 30 years old, however there was a large group of people over 45.

The fairs became an opportunity for Teleperformance to get familiar with the local labour market, German language skills of candidates and their expectations. The job fairs will also take place in Poznań on Friday. The company considers both cities as the preferred location of a new customer contact center.

Teleperformance looks for 250 German speaking specialists who will be hired in the center by the end of this year. The center will probably launch its operation in the middle of 2014 in one of the two cities. The final decision of the investor should be announced in the second quarter this year and will depend on, among others, the amount of applicants, their language skills and motivation.