J.W. Construction plans to build almost 800 apartments in Katowice

J.W. Construction Holding S.A., the largest housing estates’ developer company in Poland, plans to increase its offer of apartments by 6382 in the two years period. Almost 800 apartments of the offer will be available in Katowice where the company wants to launch two housing projects in 2012. The investment programme were published in a semi-annual statement of the holding.

The bigger one scheme will be developed in the area of “Tysiąclecia” housing estate in the north-west part of the City. The offer will include 550 apartments. The project is to be located on Tysiąclecia St. The second residential scheme is planned on Bałtycka St. in the “Panewniki” district. J.W. Construction will raise there 238 apartments.

The developer does not reveal any additional information about the projects. “It is too soon to disclose more details about the investments” – said Dominika Lenkowska representing J.W. Construction.

The company had already invested on Bałtycka St. in 2008 where delivered the “Uroczysko” housing estate consisting of three multi-family three-storey buildings.

J.W. Construction Holding S.A. is the legal successor of the company Towarzystwo Budownictwa Mieszkaniowego „Batory” Sp. z o.o. which has been established in 1993. On 4th of June 2007 Construction Holding S.A. debuted on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw. Total number of apartments and single – family houses finished and included in the scope of projects actually continued by the company achieved the level of 25 thousand of apartments and 350 houses. In 2010, a net profit of J.W. Construction exceeded PLN 92 million.