J.W. Construction prepares to start Millenium

J.W. Construction plans strong expansion across Katowice and announces the start of building of over 400 apartments in the City this year. The new residential project on Tysiąclecia St. – called Millenium – will be inaugurated in the first instance.

© J.W. Construction; Millenium housing estate

The largest housing estates’ developer company in Poland is going to conduct the Millenium scheme in stages. Two buildings – one 17-storey and one 11-storey – will be erected within the first stage. 149 apartments will be delivered in this two housing facilities, the apartments’ usable area amounts to 7 040 sq. meters. The net worth of the investment will reach PLN 35 million.

According to the J.W. Construction’s consolidated annual financial statement, construction works and sales of the apartments will be inaugurated in the second quarter of 2013. The developer obtained a building permit for the first stage in 2012.

The studio of Moska i Rachuba from Chorzów is responsible for the architectural design of the buildings. The new development will be situated on Tysiąclecia St. in the central part of the Tysiąclecia housing estate in a close proximity of “Kukurydze”. In total, 685 housing units (32 451 sq. meters) are planned to be built in five buildings.

Moreover, J.W. Construction prepares to commence the second housing project in Katowice this year. 259 apartments covering a usable area of 14 467 sq. meters are planned to be built on Bałtycka St. The firm had already invested in this area in 2008 where the “Uroczysko” housing estate was delivered consisting of three multi-family three-storey buildings.

Katowice, together with Łódź and Gdynia, are the three regional cities in Poland where J.W. Construction is going to launch housing investments this or the next year. A total number of apartments to be put on the market by the developer in this three locations exceeds 1,5 thousand.

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