Katowice Airport will be more fogproof

The construction of the new runway is now underway at the Katowice International Airport. Together with the new infrastructure, an instrument landing system (ILS) of the category II is being installed at the new runway. The system will enables aircrafts to land much more safely during reduced visibility.

Now the airport’s approaching and landing operations are supported by the ILS of category I. It provides a direction for approaching aircraft when the visibility is not less than 800 meters or a runway visual range is not less than 550 meters with a decision height not less than 65 meters. The new CAT II will start its operation after the delivery of the runway and will support landing of aircrafts when the visual range is not less than 300 meters with a decision height not less than 30 meters.

„The new instrument landing system will be appreciated both by passengers and airways. Thanks to the installation of ILS at the Katowice airport they can be sure that their aircrafts will not be redirected to other airports due to fog but will land here” – said Cezary Orzech, press spokesman of the Katowice International Airport.

The Katowice Airport’s runway is 303 meters above sea level making it the highest-altitude runway in Poland. This ensures highly favourable weather conditions, resulting in Katowice Airport having the fewest low visibility days of all of Poland’s airports and others in the region. According to the airport’s representatives, in January there were 30 aircrafts redirected to Katowice due to reduced visibility at other airports.

The new runway equipped with ILS CAT. II is planned to be operational in the second quarter of 2015.