Katowice and housing developers promote together

The City Hall of Katowice and four housing estate developers have commenced a joint promotional campaign called “Katowice. Zamieszkaj nowocześnie” (Katowice. Live modernly). The campaign started on 12th of December will include television and Internet advertising as well as billboards.

Katowice banner ad on the tvn24.pl website
Katowice banner ad on the tvn24.pl website

According to Marcin Stańczyk, representing the City Hall’s department of promotion, the TV campaign will last until 26th of December. “The television short spots are to be broadcast 97 times in TVN thematic stations like TVN 24 or TVN Style. Additionally, our advertising banners will be displayed 820 000 times on TVN websites“ – he explains. The campaign is addressed to citizens of Warsaw and the śląskie, małopolskie, opolskie and dolnośląskie voivodeships. The City Hall has also launched a dedicated website zamieszkaj.katowice.eu (only Polish language version) which shows assets of the City and the most interesting housing projects being currently built in Katowice.

The main purpose of the idea is to encourage more people to settle in Katowice and to change the image of the City. “Some people still think about Katowice as a polluted, industrial place with no cultural life. These days are gone and the situation has been radically changed. However, the change that we have undergone is not so obvious to many people and we have to speak about it and convince them” – Piotr Uszok, Katowice mayor, said during a press conference on Wednesday.

The campaign will promote the City and four developers erecting housing schemes in Katowice at the moment. The forces were joint by GC Investment (Wille Parkowa), Immofinanz Group (Dębowe Tarasy), Okam Capital (Dom w Dolinie Trzech Stawów) and Katowicka Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa (Mały Staw). This innovative promotional project was proposed by Okam Capital. „All have to know how Katowice is changing. It will be a completely different city in several years from now. We have to show this” – commented Arie Koren, Okam’s CEO.

“According to our knowledge, it is the first campaign of this type in Poland where developers and the city promote together. We did not hesitate for one moment to join the initiative. The synergy and advantages of the project are much more important than the fact we [the four developers] compete each other on the Katowice housing market” – said Marek Thorz, responsible for public relations of the Dębowe Tarasy project.

“We have to intensify our promotional efforts as Katowice is more ill-perceived outside of the region in comparison with the reality of this place. What is very important this initiative is up to the new strategy of promotion. Attracting new citizens and the overall promotion should also be an answer for depopulation of Katowice what seems to be a problem for the City budget” – commented Tomasz Godziek, public relations and marketing director at GC Investment.

Hanna Zaborowska and Halina Górecka, both representing the KSM housing association, paid attention to the campaign’s marketing meaning. “This is a great initiative. Katowicka Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa is very happy to participate in this project – we always proudly represent Katowice. We are convinced the promotion will attract new customers as KSM is going to continuously expand its activity in the City by erecting new housing projects”.

The four developers and the City Hall bear the costs of the promotional campaign. Other developers operating on the Katowice housing estate market are also invited to join the initiative.