Katowice budget passed for 2014

The City Council of Katowice has passed the budget for 2014. While the total income is expected to be at the same level as it was this year, the expenditures will be decreased by PLN 130 million. The City will also spend less for investments. At the same time, the budget deficit will be extremely reduced.

In 2012 and 2013 the expenditures of Katowice exceeded PLN 2 billion. Next year, the City will spend PLN 1,89 million. PLN 573 million of the expenditures will be appropriated for investments – it is PLN 213 million less when compared to the 2013 budget. In 2014, the total income will amount to almost PLN 1,614 billion (PLN 1,612 billion this year).

Amongst the most important and capital intensive investments will be the financing of construction works on the City Center redevelopment, the International Convention Center and the new seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, PLN 161 million will be spent for the road infrastructure including PLN 104,4 million for the roads in the City Center and PLN 15,2 million for the roads of the cultural district. The refinance of the public transportation will amount to PLN 85,2 million.

The budget deficit was set at PLN 265 million – PLN 215 million less than in 2013 (PLN 479 million). The City of Katowice will partially cover the deficit from bank loans of the European Investment Bank (EIB) – PLN 48,8 million, the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) – PLN 56,1 million and from free resources – PLN 160,1 million.