Katowice-Colorado trade mission

The City of Katowice and the Economic Section of the Polish Embassy in Washington have sent a delegation of over 20 Silesian business, government, and university representatives to Colorado between October 19-25. The World Trade Center of Denver, W. E. Loopesko & Associates, Inc. (WELA) and the Colorado European Union Center for Excellence (CEUCE) are responsible for the mission arrangements and meetings. The mission brings the two regions of Silesia and Colorado together to promote business, intellectual and political exchanges. WELA and CEUCE will catalyze business opportunities; develop new research and educational partnerships; and establish economic and political linkages between Silesia and Colorado.

Tentative Program
October 19: Travel day from Katowice to Denver
October 20: Meetings in Denver
October 21: Meetings in Colorado Springs
October 22: Meetings in Boulder
October 23: Individualized meetings for delegation members with specific Colorado companies/institutions in their area of interest
October 24: Recreation/tourism day in Rocky Mountains
October 25: Travel day from Denver to Katowice

Public sector Members:
– City of Katowice
– Katowice Special Economic Zone
– Silesian University of Technology
– University of Economics in Katowice
– University of Silesia

Private sector Members:
Euro-Centrum: Founded in 2004, Euro-Centrum is a business park located in Katowice. It seeks to provide the first “energy neutral” buildings in Central Europe.
Metropolis: Founded in 2004, Metropolis is a real estate development group specializing in comprehensive services to real estate investors, specializing in raw land development, residential projects and conversion/renovation of existing retail and office buildings.
Wasco: Wasko is an information technology firm operating in sectors such as IT and communication; finance, banking and insurance; gas and power engineering; environmental protection; public administration; industy; and logistics.
Mariusz Tomaka: Mr. Tomaka is the CEO of Display Link in Poland and is an Information Technology specialist.
Millenium Investments: Founded in 2001, MI is an award winning property developer.
Upper Silesian Industrial Park: Founded in 1995, USIP transforms post-industrial areas in Katowice into new business centers. USIP offers production/warehouse space, office facilities, and comprehensive services to facilitate entry into the Polish market. USIP seeks Brownfield site support services and US companies seeking to establish operations in Poland.
Deloitte Poland: An affiliate of the global leader, Deloitte Poland is one of the leading professional services organizations in the country providing audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management and tax services.
Rosa: Founded in 1997, Rosa produces a wide range of outdoor lighting products for municipal and other public sector clients, as well as large private sector clients.
Biochefa: Founded in 1980, Biochefa produces a variety of human and animal food supplements.

About Colorado

Denver skyline

The frontier state of Colorado has become a global crossroads linking North American, transatlantic and global economies, polities and cultures. Three cities – Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder – dominate the “Front Range” and generate the greatest commercial activity in the state of Colorado.

Geographically, Denver is positioned 600 miles from any other city of its size and caliber, and thus, it has quickly become a strategic location for federal, high-tech, educational, commercial, financial, cultural, tourist, storage, and distribution services to the Rocky Mountain States.

Since the 19th century, Colorado’s economy has transformed from mining, to agriculture and cattle ranching, to tourism, into today’s 21st century services and high-tech economy. More recently, Colorado has become one of the most important states for renewable energy and climate change research, legislation and private innovation.

Coupled with Colorado’s natural beauty, a Pew Research Center poll in 2008 found that Americans think Denver is the number one city in which to live.