Katowice company released first game creation app for mobile

„Createrria – now you can create your own awesome games in minutes, share with friends and become famous! No technical skills required, just your imagination!” – this is how the Incuvo company advertises their newest innovative game creation app Createrria, the first application that allows players to create and publish their own games.

© Incuvo; company team
© Incuvo; company team

Createrria offers quick and easy tools to create any game without any technical or programming skills. With just a few taps users can craft theirs own games and share them with friends. Featuring a variety of powerful and easy-to-use tools, all the graphic styles in Createrria comes with its own set of additionals, e.g. backgrounds, terrain and items.

“Nowadays you can create almost anything on mobile devices; take photos, paint, compose music, even shape virtual pottery – you name it. But until now there has not really been a good app for game creation. We want to change that with Createrria. And remember, this is meant for players, not developers” – commented Jakub Duda, Incuvo co-founder.

“I often start Createrria early in the morning just to check new crazy game ideas that appeared in the community the previous night. It is a great feeling when players surprise you with new creations” – said Wojciech Borczyk, Incuvo’s second co-founder.

Free to download, Createrria is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod with an Android version to follow next year. The game was released on 5th of December and have been already downloaded several hundred thousand times, mostly by the users from the United States and Poland.

„Incuvo is in the midst of raising its second round of funding. The company is trying to raise USD 2 million and it has already raised USD 300 000 from current investors” – Duda told to GamesBeat portal. Previously, they raised USD 1 million in seed round funding.

Incuvo was established in January 2012 and is based in Katowice with its seat in Euro-Centrum at 103 Ligocka St.