Katowice competes against Poznań to attract new investor

Teleperformance Group, one of global leaders in customer service management, is going to open its new branch office in Poland. The company considers Katowice and Poznań as the preferred location of a new customer contact center. The final decision of the investor will depend on, among others, the amount of applicants and their interest shown during job fairs to be held in both cities in the middle of March.

Teleperformance will look for 250 German speaking specialists who will be hired in the center by the end of this year. The center will probably launch its operation in the middle of 2014 in one of the two cities. The company organizes the job fairs in Katowice on 12th of March between 10 am and 8 pm in the Novotel hotel located at 16 Roździeńskiego Av. The event in Poznań will take place two days later.

The fairs will be an opportunity for Teleperformance to get familiar with local labour markets in both cities, German language skills of candidates and their expectations. All disposed applicants can check the skills using a special test prepared on a facebook profile of the event – „engage Silesia” (www.facebook.com/ZaangazujmySlask) and during live interviews with employees of Teleperformance, which are scheduled for the 12th of March.

The City Hall of Katowice encourages everyone to take part in the event and share the information with German speakers. The job fairs are organized by Teleperformance but the City Hall decided to prepare its own campaign promoting the recruitment and the meeting. „The investor wants to talk to potential employees and recognize their German language skills, communicative competences and good ability to learn. The more qualified people visit the job fairs, the more possible the contact center will be located in our region” – commented Mateusz Skowroński, Katowice mayor’s plenipotentiary for strategic investors at the Katowice Strategic Investors’ Assistance Center.

According to the latest ABSL report on new business services sector in Katowice and the agglomeration, the German language is being used in 43% of all service centers operating in the area. Data on the foreign language knowledge of students in Katowice collected by Hays last year says that almost 44% of them speak German.

Teleperformance owns 276 centers in 46 countries hiring 120 000 people working in 66 languages and dialects. The company was established in 1978 and is headquartered in Paris, France. In Poland, Teleperformance is present since 1997 and currently operates more than 370 workstations in two contact centers in Warsaw and Siedlce.