Katowice data center certified by Uptime Institute

The Euro-Centrum’s Science and Technology Park has obtained, for the first time in Poland, the Uptime Institute Tier III certificate for its data center. This way the global data center authority confirmed the level of 99,982% of the high availability of the data stored in the park.

Data center in the passive building of the Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum
Data center in the passive building of the Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum

Founded in 1993, Uptime Institute – an independent division of the 451 Group – is an unbiased and third-party research, education, and consulting organization focused on improving data center performance and efficiency. The institute created the standard Tier Classification System as a means to effectively evaluate data center infrastructure in terms of a business’ requirements for system availability. By now, Uptime Institute has awarded 443 certifications in 60 countries around the world. The Katowice data center obtained the Certification of Design Documents. This is the first certificate awarded for Polish company or institution.

The data center was created in the passive office building opened in Euro-Centrum in February 2014. The center is available both for the park tenants as well as for the external customers. The offer includes the services of rental and collocation of servers, data storage, administration and support of data, ERP software that is provided in the SaaS model, and others.

The center is equipped with WAN and LAN fiber optic network with bandwidth of 10Gb/s. There are 76 cabinets for collocation services, of which 20 use 14 kW of power and the remaining 56 cabinets were configured at 6 kW of power. Supervision over the systems is provided in the 24/7/365 mode.

The Science and Technology Park and the data center are located at 103 Ligocka St.