Katowice hotel market dominated by hotel chains

According to the latest, fourth edition of the guidebook for hotel investors – Hotel Guidebook Poland 2013 – more than 50% of rooms, which are available on the market, are operating under the brand of hotel chains. In Katowice, their share in the total supply of rooms is much higher and exceeds 80%. This is the second highest score in Poland after Warsaw.

With respect to the numbers of rooms owned by hotel chains three voivodeship capitals are at the forefront: Warsaw (84%), Katowice (82%), Łódź (73%). For Katowice and its high proliferation of hotel chains, the city’s excellent communicational location, vicinity of Czech and Slovak borders, dynamic Special Economic Zone in Katowice as well as the city’s good macroeconomic results were not without significance.

According to Horwath HTL sources based on Marshal’s Office data, there were 2 371 hotel rooms in Katowice in 2012 what stands for the seventh highest score among voivodeship capitals in Poland. Thus, the rooms were located only in 17 hotels (13th place).

Two distinct trends are emerging on the Polish hotel market, one of them is falling value and decreasing number of facilities belonging to Polish hotel chains, and the second one is growing number of hotels under the foreign brands. However, unlike Warsaw, Katowice is dominated by Polish hotel chains, such as Diament, Quality System, Qubus or Likus.

Additionally, there is the hotel chain Stylehotels being present solely in the Katowice agglomeration. The chain has been operating on the market since 2007 when it opened the 3-star Vacanza hotel in Siemianowice Śląskie. The chain owns five hotel facilities in Katowice, Chorzów and Siemianowice Śląskie (one 4* hotel, three 3* hotels and one 2* hotel) with 272 rooms.

According to Janusz Mitulski, partner in the consulting company Horwath HTL and one of the authors of the report, the high proliferation of hotel chains in such cities as Katowice is an important issue with regards to demanding competition in these cities, especially for investors who are planning other hotels there. In the forthcoming years two new hotel developments can be delivered in Katowice. These are Campanile (110 rooms) and Premiere Classe (90 rooms) to be implemented by Louvre Hotels Group in 2015, in accordance with the experts. Both facilities would be raised near Silesia City Center at the empty plot in front of the Tesco supermarket.

Hotel Guidebook 2013 is an extensive analysis of the Polish hospitality market of this year which also indicates trends and prospects of its development for the near future. The report has been prepared by experts from hotel consulting companies Horwath HTL and TPA Horwath.

© Horwath HTL; number of hotel rooms in voivodeship capitals in 2012
© Horwath HTL; number of hotel rooms in voivodeship capitals in 2012