Katowice hotels are the cheapest in Poland

Accommodation in a standard double room in Katowice is the cheapest from amongst ten top tourists locations in Poland. According to the trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI), the average price per one night amounts to PLN 216 in the City hotels in February.

The tHPI shows the average overnight accommodation prices for the most popular European cities on trivago. The index is an indicator of current average prices within the European online hotel market: the overnight accommodation prices of over 150 online travel agents and hotel chains create the average hotel prices.

The second cheapest city after Katowice is Wrocław (PLN 220), while the most expensive are Zakopane (PLN 345) and Sopot (PLN 332). The February’s average price of the ten top locations in Poland is PLN 252,4.

Prices for a standard double room are calculated on the basis of over 1 million daily price inquiries for overnight hotel stays generated through the trivago hotel price comparison service. The trivago portal stores all hotel inquiries for each month and therefore gives an overview of hotel accommodation prices for the upcoming month.

trivago is an online hotel search which compares hotel rates from over 640 000 hotels on over 150 booking sites worldwide including Poland.