Katowice is 5th richest city per capita

„Wspólnota”, a local government magazine, has published its annual report on the richest communities, towns and cities in Poland.

The report was prepared by professor Paweł Swianiewicz, a local government advisor of the President of the Republic of Poland. The methodology of the research was simple and is based on the ratio of local governments incomes and number of inhabitants (income per capita).

In case of the largest cities – capitals of voivodeships, the income per capita is the highest in Warsaw (PLN 5 844). Katowice was ranked 5th with the income of PLN 4 151. The better scores were noted in Wrocław (PLN 4 903), Kraków (PLN 4 281) and Opole (PLN 4 245) – the cities took the positions from 2nd to 4th respectively.

Gdańsk was ranked 6th (PLN 4 140), while Poznań (PLN 4 087) was 7th on the list and Łódź (PLN 4 075) scored the 8th place.

Last year, Katowice was at the 6th position. The highest place was taken by the City between 2002-2004 when Katowice was ranked 2nd for three consecutive years.