Katowice seen from Warszawa

Works on the new seat of Silesian Museum has just been concluded. Apart from the new building located under the ground, several former facilities of the „Katowice” cola mine were restored within the undertaking including the hoist tower of the „Warszawa” pit shaft. See photos taken from its top.

Cultural district seen from the "Warszawa" pit shaft

The tower was restored and will be put at visitors disposal after the opening of the new Silesian Museum. To ensure the stability and increased load, the construction was improved by a system of grouting micropiles. The shaft will be used as a panorama platform with a viewpoint terrace situated almost 50 meters above the ground. Sightseers will get at the top using stairs or a lift which was added to the tower recently.

Additionally, the „Warszawa” pit engine room – located close to the shaft – was also restored and is designed for restaurant purposes.

The „Katowice” coal mine was established in 1823. In its 176 years of operation, the mine extracted a total of 120 million tonnes of coal. It was officially closed down in 1999.