Katowice set to become one of Europe’s main logistics hubs by 2020

The industrial and logistics market in Europe is on track to grow over the next 10 years according to the latest research prepared by Colliers International. Poland and Turkey are set to benefit the most. The report predicts three main Polish hubs to be created including a key role of Katowice and the Upper Silesia region.

The growing importance of Poland on the Europe’s logistics map is connected with the large increases in the scale of consumption and production in Eastern Europe what will cause a stronger pressure on supply chains. Poland will also benefit from a new road infrastructure being currently under construction and general economic growth.

The growth of logistics market will focus on the Katowice agglomeration thanks to the axis of two motorways (A1 improving links from the north Adriatic – via the agglomeration – to the Baltic sea and A4 improving links with Germany) and Wrocław, which both concentrate a large population of people. The expected growing of consumer spending in these two cities will also drive an increased need to direct goods to these locations. The following important two hubs to be emerge in the years to come are Tricity as a major container center and Łódź as a central Poland’s hub.

  • The Colliers report identifies the following cities as “Emerging Distribution Hubs” by 2020:
    • Gdańsk/Gdynia – Tricity (Poland)
    • Łódź (Poland)
    • Katowice/Wrocław – Silesia (Poland)
    • Bratislava (Slovakia) /Brno (Czech Republic)
    • Izmir (Turkey)
    • Belgrade/Nis (Serbia)
    • Istanbul (Turkey), Moscow (Russia) and St. Petersburg (Russia) to all grow into major hubs
© Colliers International; Emerging logistics hubs in 2020
© Colliers International; Europe's logistics hubs in 2020