Katowice wants to build four transport nodes

The City Hall of Katowice prepares to build four transfer nodes. A competitive tender was just issued to prepare a detailed project documentation of the nodes.

The four sites dedicated to the new park and ride system are located in the district of Zawodzie, Brynów (tram terminus), Ligota and in the City Center (Sądowa St.). The nodes will act as central points in the transportation network of Katowice and will be erected to facilitate travelling to the City Center with a change from cars to trams, buses or trains. Apart from the parking system, a new infrastructure of tram and bus stops will be created.

The biggest node will be located in Brynów where about 800 parking places are planned. 400 vehicles would be parked in Zawodzie, 150 cars on Sądowa St. The smallest one is the Ligota node where only from ten to twenty parking lots are designed.

An estimated worth of the contract amounts to PLN 2,43 million excluding VAT. Interested companies can file their requests for participation in the procedure by 16th of May 2014. The chosen tenderer will prepare a building project, detailed engineering and bill of quantities.

The development of the all four transport nodes would cost approximately PLN 165 million. The City Hall of Katowice will apply for the European Union funds to cover the expenses of the investment.