Kroll Ontrack makes its Katowice R&D center the largest in Europe

Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of data recovery, e-discovery and information management, named its research and development lab in Katowice as the largest data recovery and computer forensics center in Europe. The company announces further expansion of the Katowice branch.

Almost 50 IT specialists have been hired and trained since May last year when the recruitment and expansion processes had started. The Katowice-based R&D center was established in 2004 hiring a dozen or so engineers that time. Presently, the company employs 70 people. Most of them graduated from Upper Silesian universities. Among others, they work on software applications and test new technology solutions prepared by headquarters in Minneapolis.

Katowice is seven hours ahead of the headquarters, so Kroll Ontrack is able to maximize its clock coverage with the facility. When the U.S. employees finish their working day, the Katowice center takes over the duties. The Polish team works for many well-renowned companies across the globe, i.e law agencies.

„Due to the extension of our research and development center in Poland we are able to create better solutions of data processing for our customers. The extension also corresponds to the company’s strategy which sets to double the team over the next five years. So that is why we consider to develop the center in Katowice in the future” – said Dean Hager, President and CEO of Kroll Ontrack.

Kroll Ontrack provides new technology services and software to help legal, corporate and government entities as well as consumers manage, recover, search, analyze, produce and present data. In addition to its software, Kroll Ontrack provides data recovery, data destruction, electronic discovery, document review and ESI consulting. Kroll is a subsidiary of Altegrity, an industry-leading provider of information solutions.

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