KSEZ was expanded

The Polish government agreed to expand the Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSEZ). The expansion includes the area of the Fiat Auto Poland factory in Tychy. This way, the government want to convince Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to invest into the production of a new car in the Katowice agglomeration.

The Katowice Special Economic Zone was expanded by 343 hectares. Total investment in the newly added areas will amount to PLN 3,42 billion. The automotive industry is a dominant sector in the KSEZ. Investment being carried out by companies from this sector constitute over 60% of total investment.

„For decades, automakers looking for the secret to small-car success would journey to Toyota City in Japan. These days, they are coming to Tychy” – The New York Times wrote in 2009. If Fiat Auto Poland decides to open the plant in the city, these words will be more actual than ever. Within the expected undertaking, 420 new jobs would be created and about 3 000 existing workplaces could be maintained by Fiat Auto Poland. Additionally, the car producer will invest approximately PLN 2,36 billion into the production of the new car model (from the B segment) in Tychy and Bieruń.

The Polish government already confirmed the investment plans, however Fiat published a statement saying that the company did not release any specific details regarding its Polish investments and the decision would be announced in due time. The project includes the purchase of a new stock of machinery, including a technology line of welding and enamel plants as well as a new line for the cars production and works on R&D findings.

The Fiat Auto Poland factory in Tychy covers the area of 2,4 million sq. meters, of which 0,5 million sq. meters are occupied by production and service buildings. It is one of the largest plants in Europe. The company hires almost 3 400 people at present. 56 firms are located at the production site providing additional services for the factory. In 2013, the Tychy plant manufactured 295 700 cars of Fiat 500, 500 Abarth, Lancia Ypsilon and Ford Ka.