Książęce won SARP’s Price of the Year

The Association of Polish Architects (SARP) has decided an annual competition “Prize of the Year” for the best architecture project realized in Poland last year. The Grand Prix award went to the “AIR Jurkowscy Architekci” studio for the design of the “Książęce” housing estate. Both the studio and the housing estate are located in Katowice.

  • The winning scheme was chosen from amongst 45 applied. According to the jury, there are three main reasons which had decided that “Książęce” won:
    – the design successfully revives a Silesian architecture’s spirit,
    – it proofs the architecture can be based on a local trend corresponding with surroundings instead of imitate world’s tendencies,
    – is a great example of design focused on visible solicitude and sensibility while creating a place for living for future inhabitants.

“The project combines a Silesian attitude of living with the modernist architecture. Spaces between the buildings and small gardens refer to the typical Silesian workers’ settlements. Then, the flat roofs, terraces and a simple, gray elevation remind the modernism of the thirties last century” – explains Ryszard Jurkowski, head architect of “Książęce”.

The buildings are simple but enriched with glass, steel and aluminium. The materials have also been used inside apartments and common spaces. Terraces have been made of exotic wood.

The estate is located in the “Ligota” district on Piotrowicka St. and was delivered in October 2010. It comprises of twenty two four-storey buildings, fitted with elevators, underground car park for 240 places and storerooms. The 220 apartments’ floor areas range from 43 to 86 sq. meters. Ground level apartments open to small gardens of 36 to 43 sq. m., the apartments at higher floors have spacious terraces (up to 23 sq. m.), winter gardens, or 20 sq. m. roof top patios. Residents’ sense of security is reinforced by a CCTV monitoring system.

Energomontaż-Południe S.A., a subsidiary of PGB Group, was a prime contractor and developer of “Książęce”.