Land development conditions approved for DOKP successor

TDJ Estate obtained land development conditions for its office complex to be erected in the place of „DOKP”. The City Hall issued the approval this month.

Demolition works on the DOKP office building
Demolition works on the DOKP office building

The new office complex will be consisted of two office buildings located between the International Convention Center (ICC) and Roździeńskiego Av. The new scheme will replace the existing „DOKP” building, which is being dismantled by Carbo-Stal at present. The works should be finished by the end of this year.

According to the latest land development conditions approved by the City Hall, TDJ Estate will be allowed to raise two rectangular buildings A and B – the height of the lower one can be ranged from 55 to 65 meters, while the tower’s top will be at the level between 115 and 125 meters above the ground. The buildings walls will be from 25 to 35 meters wide (view from Olimpijska St.) and between 70 and 80 meters long (view from Roździeńskiego Av.).

The minimum building alignment was marked 10 meters from the Roździeńskiego Avenue’s border. The tower will be placed in the first line to the avenue. The lower building will be situated between the tower and the ICC.

Also, the investor will be able to build a three- or four-storey underground car park for 450-500 vehicles.

The next step will be to obtain a valid building permit, which enables to start the construction work. The architectural project of the new office complex is being prepared by Medusa Group from Bytom.