Land on Bracka St.

Another part of the former Baildon steel works’ area was intended for commercial purposes. The almost 6 ha of land is owned by Opal Maksimum.

The subjected plot is situated between Chorzowska and Bracka streets, west from the Leroy Merlin’s parcel of land. Additionally, there is an easy access from the site to „DTŚ” (Inner Relief Road). The Silesia Business Park office complex is also being built in the close proximity.

The 5,9992 ha plot is built-up with warehouse, production and office facilities in use, which cover the area of 13 490 sq. meters (usable floor space: 17 698 sq. meters).

The plot could be used for retail, office, service and other commercial purposes. Architectural concept of a retail park was prepared for the area.

© Opal Maksimum; plot on Bracka St.