Largest investment of Academy of Fine Arts soon to be delivered

Construction works on the research, education and cultural building of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice are about to be finished next quarter. It is the largest investment undertaking of the academy in its history.

The works are now 95% done and are being conducted by Dombud. Final outfitting of the building and surroundings is taking place at the moment. It is planned to deliver the facility in April this year, however students and citizens will have to wait longer to take advantage of the new space. The opening of the didactics center is scheduled for 9th of October 2015, when the inauguration of the new academic year takes place.

An open space for design, modeling lab, film studio, sculpture workroom, mineral and organic resources workroom, lecture rooms and offices will be delivered for the academy purposes. The public part of the seat will house a library and reading room, exhibition hall, projection room and a bar. A detailed architectural design of the complex was prepared by An Archi Group from Gliwice, Poland.

The new new scientific, research and cultural building will consist of three facilities forming an internal yard. The complex will cover a usable area of 12 440 sq. meters. The Academy of Fine Arts conducts the project in co-operation with the University of Economics in Katowice. The project is co-financed within the EU funds. The total cost of the undertaking amounts to PLN 49,94 million.

The building is being erected at 50 Raciborska St. in the place of post-military facilities.