Largest PV research installation to be built in Euro-Centrum

One of the most advanced photovoltaic research installations will be built in the Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum. The undertaking is conducted within an innovative project of a demonstration PV installation and forms part of the Smart Grid Laboratory.

The investment involves the implementation of solar carports, which will produce the energy for the internal use of the park. The installation will enable researchers to compare surveys for different locations of solar panels within the same sun exposure conditions. The new fittings will be used in addition to existing solar panels. Such installations were already mounted on the passive office building, which had been delivered in the park last year.

The new installation will be set up on facades and roofs of two other buildings. Also, solar carports will be built near the existing facilities. „The carports are economic, innovative and environmental friendly solutions, which can be used not only as an electric power station, but also as a parking facility for cars. Aside from seasons, the need of a traditional electric power source can be eliminated by carports using the free roof space and free parking space” – explained Piotr Targański, PV installation expert at Opeus Energia.

The installation in Katowice will differ from traditional photovoltaic farms due to the adoption of modern solutions. Polycrystalline and monocrystalline technologies will be implemented to build the PV panels with the power capacity of 250, 255, 260 and 265 kW. Temperature sensors will be set in some of the modules to collect data for research and comparative purposes.

One of the aims of the investment is to make the best possible use of the area and existing facilities of the park. „The installation was designed in such a way that the energy management system can be controlled remotely. The key feature is to integrate it with the existing building management system. When finished, it will suplement technologies using the renewable energy resources, which had been applied in the park” – commented PhD Stanisław Grygierczyk, representative of the Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum.

The project is co-financed within the European Regional Development Fund. It will be the largest photovoltaic research installation in Poland, according to representatives of the park.