Last cup-shaped pillar fell

The Trans-Ziem company needed 21 days to demolish 16 cup-shaped pillars forming the building structure of the Railway Station’s main hall. The demolition works of the pillars had started on 22nd of December last year, and finished today, on 11th of January just in the early afternoon when the last pillar was knocked down.

Now, the building’s remains have to be taken to pieces and Trans-Ziem will be able to start a demolishment of hall’s foundations.

The 39-years old Railway Station’s building was designed by notable Polish architects Wacław Kłyszewski, Jerzy Mokrzyński and Eugeniusz Wierzbicki called Warsaw Tigers. Its construction was worked out by a world-renowned engineer Wacław Zalewski. The Brutalist architecture of the hall’s pillars was characterized by exposed rough concrete revealing the textures of the wooden forms in which it had been poured. Each of 16 free-standing pillars had 6 centimeters thick walls and was empty inside. Neinver, the investor which holds a majority stake in the project, committed oneself to reconstruct the pillars corresponding to the originals.