Last storey underway at A4BP

Remax Construct is finishing a shell of the third building of A4 Business Park. It is the last stage of the office complex of Echo Investment.

Works are now underway on the last eleventh storey of the building, which will be a technical floor. Earlier this month, a ceiling of the tenth office storey was done. Brickworks are being conducted on the floors from one to five. The construction crew has also commenced to install windows frames on the facade from the east and south side.

The developer reports that the works are being conducted according to schedule. It is expected to deliver the facility in the third quarter of 2016. The first building of the office complex and 9-storey ground car park were opened in 2014, while the second building was delivered last year.

The third stage is the biggest facility of A4 Business Park and will offer the office area of almost 12 000 sq. meters. The office park is being located at 42-46 Francuska St.