Life in Mobile awarded for Heineken campaign

At the 8th annual Mobile Excellence Awards, Life in Mobile won Best Entertainment Related Marketing Campaign. Katowice team of the company, together with its colleagues in New York, were awarded for their consumer engagement concept in Heineken’s program, Champion the Match 2015.

The Mobile Excellence Award is one of the most prestigious events in the mobile industry. Also named as the “Oscars” of mobile, the MEA recognizes and honors leaders and innovation in mobile entertainment and technology across the globe.

Winners for 2015 were announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Los Angeles this month. The Best Entertainment Related Marketing Campaign category selects the mobile marketing campaign that makes the best use of viral marketing to enhance a brand’s consumer awareness.

„We are incredibly honored to receive this award for our engagement strategy” – said John Lim, CEO and co-founder of Life in Mobile. „In a time when consumers are faced with a ton of advertising and noise, Heineken provided us with a great challenge to enhance consumer engagement in an already successful program. By allowing us to take on this challenge, we were able to double the number participants compared to the prior year.”

„At Heineken, we’re famous for our original, creative marketing. Our campaigns build confidence in the business and wow our customers, employees and investors” – the company wrote at its web page.

Life in Mobile’s teams analyzed previous years’ campaigns and results, and developed a concept to increase brand awareness and the association between Heineken and soccer. This consumer engagement program proved that a simple SMS entry, followed by a gamified experience, can be the most effective way to increase participation and prolong engagement.

Life in Mobile is headquartered in Stamford with two offices in New York and Katowice. The company consists of engagement specialists who focus on „reaching the human behind the device”. The company’s solutions – linknexus, WinLocal and Intelligent Ad Platform (IAP) – are built from the ground up and are designed to help clients engage with their consumers in a way they want to be engaged, anywhere they are. Clients of the Katowice office include Heineken, Garnier, FedEx, Danone, Timex, Forbes and others.