Lotos delivers aviation fuel at KTW

Lotos Air BP Poland and the Katowice International Airport (KTW) started the cooperation in terms of aviation fuel deliveries into wing. Lotos is now the fourth fuel operator making the airport’s aviation fuel market more diversified and competitive.

Last year, there were almost 29 thousand flight operations at the airport, ie. take-offs and landings.

„The fact that another fuel operator has decided to deliver its services at our airport is a good information directly to all airlines and indirectly to passengers. The fuel is one of the most important components of operating costs of every airline” – commented Artur Tomasik, president of the board of the Upper Silesian Avition Group, which manages the airport.

Lotos is the fourth fuel operator at KTW after Petrolot, Baltic Ground Services and Shell Aviation.

„Entering the Katowice airport by Lotos Air BP Poland is another step towards the expansion of domestic aviation fuel market and a clear sign showing how important the Upper Silesia region is for us” – said Maciej Szozda, vicepresident of the board of retail department of Lotos Group SA.

The Katowice International Airport is more and more important transportation hub on the map of Central and Easter Europe. KTW is the leader in Poland in terms of charter and cargo operations.