Luxury delivered to Ligota

BD Inwestor Sp. z o.o. finished construction works of the “Borsall” apartments, which had been pronounced the most luxury residential investment in the agglomeration. The five-floor stand-alone building with an underground car park offers 19 apartments and is located in the junction of Franciszkańska and Smolna Streets in a villadom of the Ligota district.

The “Borsall” building was designed by the architect Mariusz Zjawiony. Slabs of sandstone, glass and wood were used as the elevation materials. The apartments feature winter gardens, the building’s area is gated and guarded by cameras and security men. A gardener and house-holder are involved in maintaining greenery and building’s interiors.

Apartments cover area from 56 to 175 sq. meters and give a wide range of possible arrangement thanks to extensible walls. Several months ago the developer has sold, among others, two most expensive apartments.

In June, “Borsall” became a place of cultural event – “Silesia Borsall Art & Business Lounge” – where paintings of well known Polish artists were presented.

© BD Inwestor Sp. z o.o.; "Borsall" apartments by night
© BD Inwestor Sp. z o.o.; "Borsall" apartments