Medical clinic, sports and aesthetic medicine in Libero

The Gyncentrum medical clinic offering a full range of modern medical services is to be opened in Galeria Libero, which is being developed by Echo Investment.

© letter of intend was signed between Echo Investment and Gyncentrum during Shopping Center Forum in Warsaw
© letter of intend was signed between Echo Investment and Gyncentrum during Shopping Center Forum in Warsaw

“The Gyncentrum clinic in Libero will render a very broad range of professional medical services. Apart from a traditional medical clinic addressed to children and adults, patients will be able to use occupational medicine clinic, physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine and dental treatment. Gyncentrum will include 40 specialist clinics. Specialists employed by us include sports medicine doctors. Our cooperation with an outstanding haematology specialist Prof. Jerzy Hołowiecki confirms the quality of the staff employed by us. I am sure that we will create a modern medical facility in Libero, which will be popular among patients from local residential estates and entire Katowice area” – says Paweł Czerwiński, CEO GynCentrum.

“The south of Katowice is the most dynamically developing part of the city nowadays. New housing estates are being developed here, the residents of which are affluent people whose needs and requirements are extensive. Such a profile of the center’s user requires a correspondingly broad offer including additional functions” – says Karolina Prędota-Krystek, senior leasing manager in Echo Investment.

The developer says that 35 pct of the area of Galeria Libero has been earmarked for tenants offering a suitable level of entertainment, gastronomy, sport, recreation and various services. “We develop the programme of Libero with its future users in mind – in our opinion it should be place which will meet a broad spectrum of needs of extremely demanding clients. The Gyncentrum clinic is perfectly in line with this vision” – the senior leasing manager adds.

The construction of Galeria Libero is on schedule. The contractor of the shell – Erbud started its work in September this year. Advanced commercialization process is in progress at the same time. Contracts have already been signed with Martes Sport, which is to open a shop with an area of 1 200 sq. meters. The leader of the electronics industry – the Media Markt chain – is announcing an outlet in accordance with its completely new concept. Tenants also include Apteka Europejska, which is very popular in Silesia, and the Lancerto all-Poland chain of shops offering men’s fashion. The sports character of Galeria Libero is emphasized by contracts signed with the Fabryka Formy chain of fitness clubs. Libero will also include the ‘Food & Ball’ sports pub – an innovative concept of Arkadiusz Milik, football representative of Poland who plays for Napoli.