Millenium Inwestycje launched Bażantowo Południe

Millenium Inwestycje confirmed the start of construction works on the first stage of „Bażantowo Południe”. The new housing estate will be erected in the southern part of Katowice on Mleczna St. in the Podlesie district.

28 single-family homes arranged in rows will be built within the first stage. Usable area of the buildings will range from 106 to 150 sq. meters. Buyers will also own parcels of land, on which the houses are erected (from 200 to 400 sq. meters). Most of the buildings will feature a garage. The Dutch-inspired design of the two-storey houses is characterized by white and brick elevation, and sloping roofs.

In total, over 70 houses will be built within „Bażantowo Południe”. First buildings of the first stage are to be delivered in September 2016, according to the developer. Prices range from PLN 308 000 to PLN 591 000.

Apart from this project, Millenium Inwestycje has been involved in the development of the „Bażantowo” housing estate. It is situated in the Kostuchna district and covers the area of almost 20 hectares. Over 500 apartments, a school, sport hall, senior house and a hotel were built by now within „Bażantowo”.