Mirbud commences works on Twoja Dolina

JHM Development appointed Mirbud to erect the first stage of „Twoja Dolina”. The construction work on the housing estate was officialy commenced on Monday.

According to the contract, which had been signed last week, the prime contractor will build two facilities: nine- and eight-storey buildings covering the usable area of 11 155 sq. meters. There will be nine commercial premises and 196 apartments of which the area ranges from 19 to 78 sq. meters.

Mirbud was obliged to finish the construction work by 30th of October 2016. The estate will be raised at 17-19 Pułaskiego St. in the close proximity of the Three Ponds Valley.

JHM Development is a subsidiary company of Mirbud created to conduct development undertakings. Both firms are based in Skierniewice, Poland. The „Twoja Dolina” housing estate will be the first investment project of the group in Katowice.

© JHM Development; first stage of the Twoja Dolina housing estate