Mixed-use building with cuboid to be erected on Mikołowska St.

A new mixed-use building will be erected on Mikołowska St. Ground works were already commenced at the construction site.

An architectural project was prepared by Wojciech Wojciechowski. The building will be characterized by the elevation of irregular black stripes and brown cuboid situated at the top. „The architecture of the facade refers to industrial roots of our region” – says Grzegorz Rabczak, an investor of the building.

The last two floors will be destined for 4 large or 8 small apartments. Office tenants will occupy the space from the 1st to the 4th floor. The ground floor and the underground level will be put at disposal of restaurant, bank or pharmacy tenants.

The building will be located at 35 Mikołowska St. opposite Augusta Hlonda Sq. The construction site is placed between two other housing buildings. Parking places will be situated at the back of the new facility. The building is expected to be finished in spring next year.