More and more properties for sale on Dworcowa St.

The Polish State Railways (PKP) did not decide an oral open tender which had been planned to take place last week. Next attempt to sell the property on Dworcowa St. is planned this autumn. Also, another large building located on the same street is scheduled to be tendered in the weeks to come.

© City Hall of Katowice; properties for sale on Dworcowa St. - PKP buildings on the north, ERE buildings on the south
© City Hall of Katowice; properties for sale on Dworcowa St. - PKP buildings on the north side, ERE buildings on the south side

PKP wanted to find a buyer for a complex of 4-storey tenements covering the area of 7 378 sq. meters and parcles of land, on which the buildings are placed. The property is comprised of three tenements and two out-buildings.

The initial price totaled net PLN 10,49 million, however no one decided to purchase the facilities. PKP is going to conduct the another attempt to find a purchaser on 8th of October 2015. The initial price will remain unchanged. The Polish State Railways is going to sell its 70-percent share of the property (7 378 sq. meters), which covers the total area of 10 461 sq. meters. The remaining 30 percent of the area is owned by „Koleje Śląskie” (Silesian Railways).

The fore-mentioned properties are situated opposite a former railway station building, which will be soon auctioned by the court enforcement officer to the District Court „Katowice-Wschód”. The old station property is now owned by Eurostar Real Estate (ERE) and will be sold due to enforcement procedures that had been instituted against the company.

The auction will take place on 10th of September this year. The subject of the auction is a perpetual usufruct of the land (4 668 sq. meters) and the property consisting of four buildings located at: 2, 4 and 6-8 Dworcowa St. and at the junction of 10 Dworcowa and 20 św. Jana streets. The four facilities cover the area of 7 041 sq. meters. The initial price is amounted to PLN 7,48 million. At the end of last year, the court enforcement officer sold other ERE’s plot located at Wojewódzka St. The property was purchased by KG Group – the company is also a creditor on mortgage of the old railway station property.