More land to be owned by Murapol

Murapol plans another housing investment in Katowice. The company has signed an initial agreement for the purchase of almost 2 hectares of land.

The property is located on Radockiego St. in the southern part of the city. The street is located very close to Bażantów St. where the developer is being conducted its present housing scheme called Murapol Bażantów. The company will pay net PLN 6,5 million for the 1,9971 ha land.

Murapol plans to erect there a housing estate consisting of approximately 365 apartments. The total usable area of the investment will amount to 15 000 sq. meters.

In June this year, the developer signed an initial agreement to purchase a property located on Bytkowska St. in the northern part of Katowice. It covers the area of 2,24 ha. Murapol has been obliged to pay net PLN 9,5 million for the land, according to the initial contract.