Mostostal Warszawa delivered AITC

Mostostal Warszawa has concluded construction works on the Advanced Information Technology Center (AITC). Now the University of Economics in Katowice, which is an investor of the undertaking, is preparing the building for the grand opening.

Advanced Information Technology Center

The works on the modern facility had been commenced in September 2011. Over one year later, in October 2012, the university and local authorities laid a cornerstone for the center. Now the works are done and Mostostal Warszawa has already handed over the building to the university. „We have concluded the construction works on the AITC in October and the university commissioned the building at the end of the same month. Keys of the facility were handed over by our company last week” – said Karolina Myszkiewicz, press spokesman of Mostostal Warszawa.

The AITC was raised on a 0,9ha plot within the university’s campus between Bogucicka and Murckowska streets. The 7 005 sq. meters building is designed for didactic and scientific purposes of the university. The teaching programme of the center will be focused on spatial economics, finance and accounting, management and economy including the implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The facility will also offer economic and managerial services for business.

„Currently the building is being equipped with furnitures, hardware and other necessary fittings. We expect the opening of the AITC will take place at the beginning of 2014, probably in the turn of the first and the second semester of this academic year” – explained Marcin Baron, press spokesman of the University of Economics in Katowice.

Last month, the university and Wasko, one of the leading Polish IT&T companies, signed a contract for delivery and implementation of a virtual computing platform and other equipment. The most important component of the platform will be a data center based on the IBM technology and almost 400 access terminals. Additionally, content management system and teleconference equipment for the center will be provided by NextiraOne.

The Advanced Information Technology Center is a smart, five-storey building outfitted with modern electronics appliances – BMS system, Wi-Fi wireless network, server room, computer labs, electronic library with the access to databases and computer software, two-storey lecture hall for 200 spectators equipped with LCD screens. About 800 people will be able to use stationary and wireless computer stations in the building at one time.

The total cost of the investment amounts to PLN 50,2 million.