Mostostal Warszawa modernizes labs for MODLAB

Mostostal Warszawa S.A. was contracted to conduct modernization works on didactic laboratories of the University of Silesia. The project called MODLAB embraces three educational units in Katowice and one in Sosnowiec. A gross value of the contract amounts to PLN 22,6 million.

The works include a renovation of existing University’s facilities to improve former laboratories, create new ones and provide them with a modern equipment up to standard of the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies in education). An aim of the undertaking is to develop the didactic infrastructure in the area of environment sciences.

  • The laboratories and teaching rooms are to be located in the following educational units of the University:
    – Institute of Physics; Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (Katowice), two labs covering a total area of 885 sq. meters,
    – Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection (Katowice), one lab totaling 2 440 sq. meters,
    – Faculty of Earth Sciences (Sosnowiec), one lab covering 4 665 sq. meters.

Mostostal has to conduct the works by the end of July 2012. The project is financed from the state budget and was granted by the European Union within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund. A total worth of the MODLAB undertaking exceeds PLN 29,1 million (including PLN 24,1 million of the grant).