Mota–Engil negotiates to build underground car parks

From amongst two companies which had submitted proposals for construction of two underground car parks in the City Center of Katowice in July this year – it was Leosepte based in Warsaw and a consortium coordinated by Mota-Engil Central Europe owned by the Portuguese Mota-Engil group – only the Mota-Engil company decided to conduct further negotiations with the City Hall.

An aim of the negotiations is to appoint a private company which will design, construct and operate two underground car parks on Dworcowy Sq. near “Monopol” and “Diament” hotels and Bolesława Chrobrego Sq. where the Silesian Voivodeship and Marshall offices are located. The construction of the underground car parks is a part of the project executed by the City of Katowice named “Reconstruction of the City Center of Katowice”.

According to Piotr Uszok, Katowice Mayor, quoted on Tuesday by the Polish Press Agency (PAP), the negotiations will take several months as Mota-Engil is to prepare a detailed business plan which has to include a number of car parks’ storeys and parking places in comparison to market needs and financial aspects. Previously, the City Hall proposed the number of parking places would be no fewer than 300-400, located on 2-3 underground levels. The facilities are to be paid car parks with profits earned by the private investor. The investment will be executed within the public-private partnership formula (PPP).

Upon conducted researches, about 65 000 cars park in the area of the Center of Katowice daily, approximately 13 300 parking spaces have been identified in the Center, however the demand is much bigger and reaches 20 660.

The City Hall is supported in this investment by the Grontmij Polska Sp. z o.o. civil engineering consultancy company.