Multivilla is back to the drawing board

In 2009, KWK Promes, an architectural studio from Katowice, presented a design project of Multivilla – residential building located near the Academy of Fine Arts’ seat in the City Center. Despite planned construction work’s start in 2010, the investment has not kicked-off thus far. Nowadays, the studio announces realization of the project by a private investor.

KWK Promes works currently on the engineering design of Multivilla. “I confirm the studio is engaged in the project at present, however we do not disclose any additional information on approval of the investor. Only I can say is that the architectural design stays the same” – said Marcin Szczelina, responsible for public relations of KWK Promes.

Multivilla is to be located in the area of Koszarowa and Kominka streets. The building will house nine individual villas located over 6 floors. An attempt of the designers was to combine advantages of living in the suburbs with a typical style of city life. They transformed the idea by creating spacious, diverse villas located in one downtown building.

As it is in case of single family houses, the apartments will differ in shapes, layout and interior design adapted to various needs of its inhabitants. They will be able to choose a traditional villa furnished with antiques or a modern one with glazed walls. Their arrangement is complex as villas’ volumes overlap creating a unique pattern of different materials used on the facade.

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© KWK Promes, Multivilla