Multivilla is upcoming

Realization of Multivilla, a residential building designed by Robert Konieczny’s KWK Promes, has been already graduated from the planning stage and is entering by degrees the executive phase. An investor of the undertaking, the Multivilla Sp. z o.o. company, is now preparing to choose a prime contractor and promote the investment.

The scheme of Multivilla had been presented late 2009. In December last year, KWK Promes informed that the architectural studio was working on the engineering design of the building and confirmed the construction work on Multivilla would start in 2012.

The words seem to be brought to life. “The tender for building companies was issued in February. Interested parties can make bids by 20th of March. The investor also plan to launch a promotional web site of the investment this month. It will provide more information about the project” – says Marcin Szczelina, responsible for public relations of KWK Promes.

According to the designers, this housing development is an attempt to combine advantages of living in the suburbs with typical qualities of city life. To be built on a 430 sq. meters parcel, the building will offer nine individual villas being a hybrid of intense downtown development and single family housing.

A usable area of Multivilla will exceed 2 000 sq. meters. The seven-storey facility with an underground car park will be erected in the junction of Koszarowa and Kominka Streets in the downtown of Katowice.

© KWK Promes, Multivilla
© KWK Promes, Multivilla