“Multivilla”: villas in the City center

Nine luxury residences on six floors, one or two-storeyed, a porter, private entrances, an interweaving construction, a not commonplace design. This is what KWK Promes, the Robert Konieczny’s architectural studio proposed and named “Multivilla”. The project’s idea combines advantages of living out of town (convenience and space) and values of a city center life (proximity of culture and entertainment facilities, central localisation).

Each of the building’s suites are designed in a different style to emphasize personalities of tenants. Future owners can choose, for example, between a conservative villa furnished with antiques and a modern villa with a fully glass walls. All nine of them will be equipped with an intelligent system to provide control for the house conveniences as lighting or heating. The biggest and the most exclusive is a top-floor penthouse with a terrace. A car park will be localised on the ground and underground level.

© KWK Promes, idea of architectural design

To distinguish the design intention and an interweaving construction of nine villas, a facade of each will be covered by a different material with varied color or texture – rustless stell, concrete, glass, black granite or stone. The penthouse will be coated by a black, glassy mosaic.

The construction works are scheduled to commence in spring 2010 and will take two years. Apartments prices, as well as the developer’s name will be disclosed after works start.

© KWK Promes, Multivilla
© KWK Promes, Multivilla