Murapol buys land to erect new housing estate

Murapol informed about an initial land purchase agreement which had been concluded with an undisclosed seller. The property will be destined for the newest investment of the developer.

The land is located on Bytkowska St. in the northern part of Katowice. It covers the area of 2,24 ha. Murapol is obliged to purchase the plot for net PLN 9,5 million, according to the initial contract.

The developer also released that a new housing estate would be erected at the plot. About 460 apartments will be delivered within the project. The usable area is estimated at 21 000 sq. meters. No further details were presented.

Murapol was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Bielsko-Biała. By now, the developer completed 64 investment projects and another 31 schemes are underway. In Katowice, the company is currently involved in the realization of the housing estate called Murapol Bażantów situated on Bażantów St. in the southern part of the city. There will be 641 apartments in total making it one of the largest new housing projects in Katowice.